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WordPress Troubleshoot Error Establishing A Database Connection

By admin 0 Comment March 5, 2019

WordPress troubleshoot error establishing a database connection

I have set up a my server to accept VPN connections. My users primarily use VPN to access the server shares files. Everything was working fine until one day I was doing some work on the file system and all of a sudden all of my users cannot access the server shares.

I know the VPN connection is OK because I can ping several devices on the remote network through the VPN connection. Local users are not having any problems accessing the server shares locally.

Whenever I try to access the server shares through the VPN I get an error message:

The folder you entered does not appear to be valid. Please choose another.

The path I am using is:

Obviously I have messed up something but I am not sure what I did. I am thinking it is some sort of group permissions problem but I have checked and all seems OK as well as I understand the correct profiles.

How can I go about debugging the problem further?

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